Are you ready to UPLEVEL your life & say goodbye to being burnt out?

Do you want to live a life that is calmer, happier & more aligned?

I get it. Because I’ve been there.
Even after I was introduced to yoga & meditation & practiced daily for years, I still found that I wasn’t happy or living a very fulfilled life. It took a whole lot of soul searching, travel, therapy & deep inner work to realise that I had been missing something all along……….

The way that I had been practicing was all wrong. I had been totally focused on the physical aspects of these spiritual practices & was approaching them with a “GO, GO, GO” attitude. I never took the time to slow down, stop & just be present. I wasn’t taking the time to rest.

And the thing is – it’s in the moments of rest & stillness that the magic happens. When we pause we can access our ability to listen to what our bodies & minds are trying to tell us.

The answers are already inside of us but we are simply too ‘tuned out’ most of the time to be able to listen. Learning to slow down, rest & listen are key to living a happier, calmer & more peaceful life.

Which is why I created………

An online retreat program that you will actually want to finish.

7 Days
7 Lessons

Loads of relaxation
All in less than 45 minutes each day

It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced yogi, a complete beginner, or something in between… The 7 DAY RESET RETREAT is for you if you’re ready to unwind, relax and find a more connected way of living. Say goodbye to burnout, tension, and misalignments. It’s time to get back to the REAL you.

The program includes:

  • 100% online access
  • A self paced structure
  • 2 X gentle vinyasa flow yoga classes
  • 3 X slow hatha yoga classes
  • 1 X yoga nidra session
  • 1 X workshop on meditation
  • On-going support should you have questions from any lessons
  • Lifetime access

Enjoy 7 nourishing classes, over 7 nourishing days & watch how this practice will change the way that you move & feel for the better!

The 7 day reset retreat program is designed to help you achieve the maximum amount of relaxation in the shortest amount of time possible.  I understand that modern lives mean busy people which is why you’ll never need more than 45 minutes for each lesson.

I am so humbled that you’re still here with me at this point! If you feel called to this practice, I can’t wait for you to start what will be an amazing journey of self discovery, deep work, rest & an un-locking of your mind-body connection.

See you on the mat soon!

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